In protest of the decision made by the Skopje Criminal Court for the sentences in the “Divo Naselje” case, Macedonian flags were burned publicly in the Kosovo towns of Gnjilane and Peć, according to Serbian media.

“Due to the injustice done against our heroes from the Slavic puppet state, tonight we burned their flag, here in front of the monument of the legendary Agim Ramadani – Katana in Gnjilane. We urge all Albanian statesmen to oppose this and to protect the Albanian people in Illyria. Albania will do it”, stated the Sokoli fan group in Gnjilane.

Yesterday, the Skopje Criminal Court sentenced seven defendants to life sentences and 26 defendants to long-term prison sentences in the “Divo Naselje” case, where eight members of the Macedonian security forces were killed.