Starting from today, members of the military police will active engage in securing objects of vital importance among which are the Government, the Parliament and the prisons in Skopje. A reorganization is conducted including strengthening the security at the presidential residence with members of the army. The securing will be conducted with combined teams that include police units” informs the Ministry of Defense.

The press release also informs that the army members will be securing the facilities wearing army uniforms, and they shall be armed with their formation weaponry. In the past two days, they were getting acquainted with the authorizations, procedures, and the duties related to this task.

“Securing these facilities is conducted with total coordination with the Ministry of Interior, and is based upon the Decree for determining the tasks of the army during the period of state emergency. In this manner, the Ministry of Defense and the army will be taking a part of MOI’s obligations and will allow the police forces to focus their capacities on their tasks which primary goal is obeying the declared government measures to prevent the coronavirus spread” said the press release issued by this ministry.