Macedonia will donate 12 helicopters to Ukraine and buy eight new ones


The Macedonian government is preparing a new package of military aid for Ukraine, which has been fighting against Russia’s military aggression for more than a year. At the next government session, a proposal will be submitted for making a decision on the donation of 12 helicopters to Ukraine, Defense Minister Slavjanka Petrovska announced yesterday on the interview for “360 Degrees” TV show on Alsat television.

Minister Petrovska said that the analysis of the General Staff on whether the country can donate the Mi-24 helicopters has been completed and that at the next government session she will submit a proposal for making a decision by which North Macedonia will donate 12 helicopters to Ukraine.

These helicopters from the Soviet era were produced in 1984. Petrovska pointed out that a large part of them as of 2015 are an expired resource, are not used and are not foreseen in the formation of the Army. She clarified that as with the other decisions, this one would not affect the combat readiness of the Army in any way.

Regarding the financial implications, Petrovska emphasized that the estimated value of the donations to Ukraine, without the possible donation of helicopters, amounts to about 30 million euros, but that in just less than a year, North Macedonia was supported by the USA with 139 million dollars, intended for the purchase of a new, the most sophisticated equipment.

“What does North Macedonia get in return is a question that is also legitimate to ask. In just less than a year, the United States approved the use of financial resources in the amount of 139 million dollars, which is several times more than what we have donated,” said the Minister of Defense.

Regarding the plans for the purchase of new helicopters, Minister Petrovska informed that the detailed evaluation of the five received offers for the purchase of helicopters and the analysis of whether they are in accordance with our requirements and needs is in the final phase. Minister Petrovska clarified that it is a multi-year purchase of eight new helicopters.

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