This year, Macedonia gained two more points in the Corruption Perception Index, according to the annual analysis that was published by Transparency International this morning. This year, the country was rated 37 on a scale of 100, where the higher the index, the lower the level of coruption. Last year, Macedonia had an index of 35.

This year, the country shares 93rd place out of 180 ranked countries, along with Gambia, Guyana, Kosovo, Mongolia and Panama.

The Index ranks 180 countries and territories in accordance with the level of corruption perception in the public sector, according to businessmen and experts. On a scale of one to 100, the smaller index indicates greater level of corruption.

Macedonia’s index is close to the average for the East European and Asia regions, the second most corrupt in the world. The average in the region is 35, and only one country, Georgia, has an index above 50. Montenegro and Belarus follow in the top, while at the bottom in the region are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

Macedonia is referred to as “a country to watch”.

“Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia and Armenia are all the countries to watch over the next few years. Categorised by their challenging political landscapes, only Armenia bucks the trend with a positive change in government,” reads the analysis for the region.