The result of the Program for a Cross-Border Cooperation between Macedonia and Albania 2014-2020 are 9 finished projects and 5 new that will start in 2020. These are part of the pre-accession help i.e. IPA funds.

“The cross-border area between Macedonia and Albania has been described as one of the least developed areas and on the areas with the most inconvenient possibilities and conditions for social-economic development of the whole continent due to the rural, mountainous character of the area for a cross border cooperation” said the Minister for Local Self-Governance Goran Milevski.

The European Union’s program for a cross-border cooperation between Macedonia and Albania is advancing well and the usage of the fund is one of the best when it comes to cooperating between out country and a country that is not a member of the European Union.

“The projects refer to three spheres of developing skills for preserving the environment, the cultural heritage, tourism, development of competitive skills and business. Apart from assets from the EU these projects are co-financed by the state as well. This cross-border project with Albania is also good for helping and assisting the local population, including the development of the local authorities.” said Nikola Bertolini, Head of the Cooperation section of the EU Delegation in Skopje.

The impact of these projects’ implementation is an improved tourist offer, sale of new products, greater security for the tourists at the Ohrid region, etc.