Фото: мета.мк

Early this morning, as was previously calculated and in a period of only a few minutes, the Earth moved between the sun and the moon. In those moments, the moon was completely eclipsed, a phenomenon that occurs once every 2 and a half years. This was the first lunar eclipse in 2022 and was vividly visible above the capital’s clear sky.

Those that remained awake were able to witness and enjoy the magical moment when the moon turned red after the eclipse. This unique phenomenon was projected toward the moon after the sunlight penetrated the Earth’s orbit which was the only way for the sunlight to reach the moon because it was eclipsed by the planet.

Meta.mk’s photojournalist, early this morning, before the sunrise, while the “Blood Moon” was at the closest distance to the Earth and was larger than usual, was able to take photographs of the sky that was flowing with oily purple nuances which additionally stressed the remarkableness of the reddish color at the Moon’s surface.