Ljudmil Kljusev, the son of the first Prime Minister of independent Macedonia, Nikola Kljusev, was sentenced to 26 months of imprisonment and a fine in the amount of $17.500, said the announcement of U.S. Department of Justice announcement that was sent to Meta.

Kljusev was sentenced by the U.S. District Judge Alvin Thompson in Hartford, for illegal distribution of narcotics and a fraud of health care.

Kljusev, who works in the USA as a psychiatrist, was arrested on the 12th of November 2015 and was charged for subscribing his patients with large amounts of medications like “Adderall” and “Xanax” (medications known as Helex in Macedonia) for which he was paid in cash.

“The investigation, which included the use of confidential witnesses and an undercover officer posing as patients, revealed that Kljusev prescribed the drugs without a full medical examination of the patient, provided prescriptions without confirming conditions that would medically require treatment using these drugs and dispensed prescriptions in exchange for cash to patients who display substance abuse and addiction behaviors. Kljusev also directed non-physician employees to write prescriptions signed by Kljusev when he was out of the country. In 2014 and 2015, Kljusev improperly billed private health insurers approximately $76,983 for medical services rendered when he was out of the country,” said the announcement.

As part of the resolution of this case, KLJUSEV has agreed to forfeit a property located at 227 Naugatuck Avenue in Milford, where his practice was based, $173,095.20 in cash that was seized from his office on the day of his arrest, and $117,431.13 that was contained in his business checking account. He also had to pay a restitution in the amount of $76.983.

Before sentencing, Kljusev was detained since he was arrested and on the 30th of November 2016, he pleaded guilty.