The former Interior Minister Ljube Boskoski, who was convicted in the “Campaign” case, spent five hours being questioned at the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Boskoski, left the building in which the premises of the SPP are located with a police escort at 17:45, where he was greeted briefly by several of his supporters who were waiting outside the building.

Boskoski’s lawyer Konstantin Kratovaliev, in a statement to the media confirmed that the questioning of his client was related to the “Campaign” case. He would not give more details about the hearing.

“Today, Boskoski gave his testimony as a witness regarding the “Campaign” case, in relation to the powers of the authorities involved in taking over this particular case”, said Kratovaliev.

When asked by reporters whether Boskoski mentioned specific persons, Kratovaliev briefly replied that there was nothing to mention, but they imposed themselves through records and reports taken from the “Campaign” case.

“Campaign” is just one of the cases that the SPP have taken into their jurisdiction. Ten days ago, the SPP questioned Igor Spasov, a member of the special police unit who was convicted of the murder of Martin Neshkoski.