The newly formed ‘Levica’ party are asking for the names of Macedonian nationals who are connected with the “Panama Papers” affair, to be publicly named.

“Although the Public Prosecution reportedly opened proceedings on these recent developments, the public still does not know how unlawful these accounts are, and how they were opened, nor the origin of such enormous sums of money. We are not surprised that the Public Prosecution has no intention of solving the case “Swiss accounts”, just like they have no intention of solving the wiretapping case in Macedonia. We are under no illusion that they will want to investigate whether there are Macedonian citizens who are involved in this latest affair with these offshore accounts in Panama. That’s why, we want to publicly support and encourage journalists to be actively involved in exposing the hidden money” said the party statement.

Levica urged the Special Prosecutor’s Office to open a proceedings against corrupt Macedonia politicians suspected of money laundering.