At the Clinical Centre “Mother Teresa” this afternoon, a group of doctors gathered in protest against the attack on their colleagues life. Before hand they had a coordinated meeting at the amphitheatre in the clinical centre.

According to psychiatrist Victoria Vujovic, those who raise their hand in someone in a white doctors coat, is the same as raising your hand against the world.

“What happened this morning is just unacceptable. We lost a loved one, but to raise your hand and to shoot someone, someone who helps the sick and heals, is unacceptable and crosses all boundaries. I believe that the culprit should be convicted and should receive a heavy prison sentence”, said Dr Vujovic.

According to Dr. Victoria Chalovski, today’s gathering was a spontaneous expression of outrage over the incident this morning.

“It was not just an attack on the medical profession, but it has threatened the physical integrity of all doctors. This is the consequence of a condition that has been smouldering for a while. Doctors work under threatening conditions, and under immense pressure”, said Dr. Chalovska.

She also said that her colleague carried out his work with maximum professionalism and carried out the intervention the best he could, but, unfortunately, the patient died, as it happens sometimes in our line of work. Dr Chalovska noted that in the 21st century such events are unacceptable and measures should be taken to protect their profession.