Any kind of solution (for the name dispute) that will be agreed upon by Macedonia and Greece, and will be supported by the Macedonian Constitution, we (the Russian Federation), most probably are going to accept it, said the Head of the Russian diplomacy Sergey Lavrov, when he was answering a question posted by a Greek journalist at the annual press conference held by Russia’s minister of foreign affairs that is taking place today.

Lavrov stressed that the name dispute between Skopje and Athens has long been in a “snooze mode” and it enlivened after the USA decided Macedonia should join NATO.

The Head of the Russian diplomacy reminded that Greece is already a member of NATO and that it is not necessary that it should do appeasements, but that Macedonia should do that as it hopes to join NATO.

-Regarding the revitalization of the effort for solving the problem with Macedonia’s official name, these efforts were long in a hibernation and got intensified only then when USA decided that Macedonia should join NATO. The essence of what is happening is I hope clear to everyone, as it is not about taking into account the joint and specific characteristics of two nations that are close, but that one of these two countries is necessary to become a member of NATO – said Lavrov.

At the traditional press-conference, which lasts for several hours, Lavrov is making a survey of central subjects from the previous year including the new year and is answering questions by journalists for other subjects concerning the Russian foreign policy.