If elections were to be held tomorrow, VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM would have been almost equal, shows the latest poll by the agency ”M-prospect”, commissioned by “Telma TV.” For VMRO-DPMNE,  23,3% of the citizens would vote for them, while 23% would vote for SDSM.

The only change that would happen, would be among the Albanians. If elections were to be held tomorrow, Besa would be equal with DUI i.e. they would win 3,5 %, and DUI 3,3%.The Albanian Alliance would win 1, 5%, DPA 2,2 % and the undecided are with the highest at 33, 4%.

According to the poll, the leading party among the Albanian voters is SDSM which came to 20,4 %, while 14% said they would vote for DUI, 15%, for Besa, 10% for DPA 6% for the and the Albanian Alliance.

Macedonian voters gave advantage to VMRO-DPMNE or 30, 6% compared to the 23, 8 % who gave an advantage to SDSM. Unlike the Albanians, no one within the Macedonian block would vote for a party from the Albanian political spectrum.

The research showed that most citizens do not believe new elections are a solution to the political crisis. The majority, or 56, 5 %, are against new early parliamentary elections, compared to the 38, 6 % who would vote again.

Citizens believe that the best solution for forming the next government after Gruevski returned the mandate is a broad coalition where all major parties would enter. 30, 2 % were in favor of a broad coalition. Only 27, 3 %, just 3% less, think that the next government should be formed by SDSM and even less or 23, 5 % want a government led by VMRO-DPMNE.

According to ethnic background, both Macedonians and Albanians in equal percentage i.e. 30% replied that the best solution for a new government is a broad coalition.

The telephone survey was carried out between the 4th – 10th of February on a 1.000 adults.