The public enterprise for state roads has managed to earn 40 million euros last year from pay tolls at Macedonian highways. The data from the financial reports of this public enterprise for 2018 showcase that the state has managed to earn 5% more funds from citizens who paid for pay tolls compared to 2017.

Last year’s plan of this public enterprise was even more ambitious and it planned to earn 44, 6 million euros or 4.1 million euros more than the actual sum it earned. Even during the first quarter of 2019, 7.7 million euros were earned from pay tolls i.e. 6.2% more compared to the same period last year.

But, when it comes to improving the services for citizens, this enterprise is late with the accomplishment of its promises. The electronic pay toll payment was supposed to be introduced in the first half of 2016. The director of the enterprise, Zoran Kiranov said recently that the electronic pay toll payment will start functioning soon. In the next 20 days, the new pay toll near Gevgelija will be put into use, and in the autumn the pay toll near Demir Kapija will also become fully functional.

While the electronic payment for the pay tolls in the Corridor 10 isn’t still finished, the public enterprise is already making preparations for an additional tender for building and the installation of an electronic system for payments along the Corridor 8 and the highway Miladinovci – Shtip.

The new loan from the European Bank for Renewal and Development is in the amount of 15.3 million euros and it encompasses all highways that aren’t part of Corridor 10. Apparently, for the 5th year in a roll, 18.7 million euros are spent on the pay tolls from Tabanovce to Gevgelija, which means that for electronic payment at pay tolls and their modernization a sum of 34 million euros is planned.