Kurz: It will be positive to vote in the referendum to gain perspective


Austria is a friend of Macedonia and the whole region, and we would like to live in a common future. As the Chairman of the European Union, I can say that the EU will be complete when it will be integrated with the Western Balkans. For Macedonia, the solution to the name dispute will bring dynamic. First of all, I want to warmly welcome the compromise in this field, and I would like to invite the citizens of Macedonia to participate in the referendum and to declare a solution to the name dispute and the European perspective of the country.

With such a message, the Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, addressed Macedonian citizens from a joint press conference with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in the Government. Kurz arrived this morning in Skopje, after which he had a meeting with Zaev and then held a press conference.

When answering a journalist’s question, he said that he would meet with the Macedonian opposition and ask them to do the same.

“I will send the same message to the opposition. Regardless with whom I talk with, my attitude is remains the same,” said Kurz.

Zaev reiterated that he believes in the success of the referendum and that the recent visit of high-ranking officials made it clear that Macedonia is welcome in the EU.

“Mr Kurz’s visit gives us the knowledge that we are on the right European path. The world recognized our open sense of optimism. I am sure that behind the invitation for membership in the European Union stands the Austrian presidency of the Union. In the end, allow me to express my gratitude that Austria is part of our important economic partners,” said Zaev.

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