At this press conference, you will hear how MOI worked for VMRO-DPMNE in Kumanovo, said Martin Kostovski, president of the municipal organization of SDSM, before the publication of wiretapping materials related to the electoral irregularities in this city.

In discussions presented by Kostovski, there was a recording of conversation between Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and interlocutor for meetings in Kumanovo in order to agree details for the elections. Interlocutor tells Jankuloska that they have to see “how they will agree with the Gypsies”.

In talks between Jankuloska and certain Riste, the minister receives information about companies, redundant workers, dissatisfied and elderly people and criminals, on which Jankuloska replies that they should arrange something for them to be satisfied.

SDSM published two conversations for which it indicated that are between Gordana Jankuloska and Nikola Todorov, in which she says that 75,000 in cash were promised and she urging money to be faster delivered for the party Dragisha Miletik.

In the second conversations, Kiril Bozhinovski admits to Jankuloska that he gave 225,000 in cash.
In the next conversation, Jankuloska admits abusing lists of the reserve forces of the Army for party needs.
According to Kostovski, she says that “they recruited all companies, redundant workers and criminals for elections.”

– People are ignorant, the request small things from us – says her interlocutor.

In connection with the examination of 60 buses in Kumanovo and electrical shortage, Kostovski said Kumanovo is under constant pressure from the government.

Asked if they have recordings of the arrest of Mayor Zoran Damjanovski, Kostovski said that they will publish everything they have.

He stressed that they still have not received any information from MOI regarding the arrest.