Kukan: Youth’s participation in referendum can be decisive


The right place for political dialogue and consensus is Parliament and it should not be limited to political parties, but the civil sector, experts and other formal or informal groups should be involved as well.

This was stated by the Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament, Talat Xhaferi, at the conference  entitled, “Encouraging political dialogue and consensus”, which is being held in Parliament, attended by MPs from the European Parliament, MPs from the parliaments of the Western Balkan countries and representatives of youth organizations.

“Four years ago, the events that occurred were caused by the Government’s inadequate attitude towards the youth, more precisely towards students regarding the adoption of a law that directly affects them. The Student Plenum at the time, with its activities and organization, showed us the older politicians how not to rule, “said Xhaferi.

He pointed out that regardless of party affiliation and ethnicity, the students then banded together, adding that students and young people in general are a driving force that moves things forward in this new age of globalization.

Xhaferi is satisfied that, according to latest public opinion polls , the young generations, again regardless of which ethnic community they belong to, or which political option, all support the Prespa Accord and the referendum.

MEP Eduard Kukan, co-chair of Jean Monnet Process, said parliamentary and political leadership in the country had demonstrated the ability to enter into dialogue and thus continue to implement reforms.

He believes that the youth are key to the future of the region, and that the participation of young people in the upcoming referendum in Macedonia can be decisive in the country’s European destiny and will determine progress in the European integration of the country and the region.

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