The three MEPs, Ivo Vajgl, Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein have welcomed the formation of the new government and have stated that all parties should act in a constructive spirit of reconciliation. They state that after three delays due to a political instability they expect that the European Parliament to vote for the report about the country for the year 2016 at a session set sometime in June.

“Also, we are looking forward to the collaboration with the European Parliament with the Macedonian Parliament for the fulfillment of the citizens’ aspirations and the necessary reforms that will allow the state to take necessary measures towards the EU membership”, stated the press release issued by the three MEPs.

They have congratulated Zaev for the formation of the new government.

“We congratulate Prime Minister Zaev on the formation of the new government and its programme. We are encouraged by the constructive parliamentary debate about the programme and by the government’s commitment to unite the country around a programme that serves the needs of all citizens, and delivering on urgent reform priorities as well as working towards Euro-Atlantic integration. We hope that all political parties will now act in a constructive spirit of reconciliation, in the common interest of all citizens, and work with the new government on restoring confidence in the country and its institutions, including through the full implementation of the Przino Agreement and Urgent Reform Priorities. The Macedonian people have already waited too long and deserve to see the new government advancing with vigour on this inclusive and reformist agenda”, said the joint press release issued by Vajgl, Kukan, and Fleckenstein.