The brutal and undiplomatic attitude in the talks and negotiations between the Government and the opposition, which began in the residence of the EU in Przhino, is far from over.

Political leaders then had agreed to leave behind their parties’ interests and to start thinking about the good of the people and country. However, they forgot all of that in a week’s time, and resumed wielding their political axes in the open once again:
„ Gruevski evading responsibility by instigating violence“, „ Gruevski Thinks it is More Important to Get a Tan in Tel Aviv“, „ Hypocricy at its best: Radmila Shekerinska has come out to criticize“, „ There is a bully in the Government“, „The Government is ordering violence“, „SDSM and their mercenaries will face the consequences“, „ There should be methods and techniques implemented that are used in similar cases in the western democracies“…

Although Commissioner Johanes Hahn said this Monday that there is no time to waste and no time for the institutions to go on vacation, and that all should respect the agreed deadlines towards preparing the upcoming elections, the political parties pushed several press releases containing new and old insults.

This Monday should have seen the first meeting of the Action group that would have initiated the implementation of the Agreement from Przhino.

Deputy President of SDSM, Radmila Shekerinska, said at a press conference that VMRO-DPMNE had cancelled the meeting half an hour before it commenced. She added, it is obvious that Mr. Grouevski gives more importance to his sunbathing in Tel Aviv than the realization of the duties that he and all other colleagues are bound to carry out regarding the June 2 Agreement..
The governing party reacted to her statement by pointing to her hypocrisy. „Radmila Shekerinska who hasn’t been to any of the prior meetings came out to criticize others. This is pure hypocrisy.“

The use of strong “diplomatic” language continued.

At a press conference, Petre Shilegov od SDSM asked the Government of Nikola Gruevski whether their intention is to evade responsibility by spilling the blood, referring to the journalists who are critical of the government, which SDSM claims they were beaten and reiterated that „ the bully that hit the owner of the news portal Maktel is still sitting in the Government- that is Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski, who still hasn’t faced any consequences, which is pointing to the scandalous fact that the government had ordered the violence“.

VMRO-DPMNE responded to that by calling SDSM to take political responsibility for all of these cases because they are the ones who threaten with violence and who are spreading hate, lies and speculations.

„The leadership of SDSM and their financers from Soros [foundations supported by] are contributing to the overall atmosphere in the country with irresponsible and unprofessional behavior. They continuously push lies, manipulations and speculations in the public space, not only against politicians, but also against hundreds of artists, professors, professionals and even regular citizens. They are consciously causing a state of hate and violence“, the party in government claimed.

To this SDSM released another reaction: “All institutions are in the hands of Nikola Gruevski. After nine years in power does he still think he can free-ride on the story that others are at fault for the condition in which the country is in?” “.

The two largest political parties from the Albanian bloc joined the exchange of fire.

DPA’s leader Menduh Taci, after meeting today the Ambassador of OSCE, Marianne Berecz, expressed his pessimism that the Agreement signed in Przhino will ever be realized. Taci said that he signed the document for one reason only. According to he, the Agreement represents the shortest way for the Albanians to remove from power DUI and Ali Ahmeti at the upcoming elections. According to DPA’s leader, Mr. Ahmeti is responsible for the condition the country has fallen in and especially for the condition of Albanian citizens.

DUI, responded that Taci is looking to score political points.There is no convergence, rather, there is an intensification of animosity between the sides, which was noted also by Commissioner Hahn who mediated in Przhino.

-We didn’t agree on everything on June 2, but we hope the parties will find a way to agree. We facilitated the Agreement, but we can’t facilitate everything- said Hahn after the meeting of the Council of ministers of the EU in Brussels.

The sour atmosphere was felt by the Slovakian Foreign Minister, Miroslav Lajcak who said in an interview for Meta said no one can guarantee that the Przhino Agreement will be implemented.

“You cannot be certain that the Agreement will be implemented. The parties that signed it must ensure that they will implement it and the Agreement is quite specific about what needs to be done and when. What we would like to see is implementation, starting with the first step, as noted in the document. This is an agreement that must be implemented in the name of the European future of your country. This cannot be an agreement that one of the sides will use against the other, because in that instance, it will fail,” said Lajcak.