The crisis returned the debates on TV


After a long pause, television again returned debates on current day issues. In recent period, the debate shows almost disappeared from television in form and substance.

Now, viewers have a choice. TV “24 Vesti” has “Win-Win” and “24 Analysis”. “Telma” has the daily show “Top Topic”. “Alsat M” has “Road to” and “360 Degrees”, while “Nova TV” today introduces “New Debate”.

Last spring, during the presidential and parliamentary elections, debates and television stations that broadcasted it were few in number. Now, with the new developments, ranging from student protests, Zaev’s “bombs”, action “Puch” and the case of the death of young Tamara, editors of several televisions organize debate encounters with university professors, politicians, journalists and experts.

Less than a month ago, television “Telma” started airing debate show “Top Topic”, every working day at 8:15 pm with Sanja Vasik, Aleksandar Chomovski, Snezhana Lupevska and Bobi Hristov. Yesterday’s “Top Topic” was dedicated to the late President Boris Trajkovski on the occasion of the 11th anniversary of his death.

– We introduced “Top Topic” because we felt the need for such a show. The first experience was great. It is well received and we got great ratings. It is now our most popular show. We are pleasantly surprised by the turnout of interlocutors. Although everyone convinced us that there are no interlocutors, it proved that they and the viewers need a debate – stated Sanja Vasik, editor of “Telma”, for us.

TV “24 Vesti” airs shows “Win-Win” with Olivera Trajkovska and “24 Analysis”. Guests in in “Win-Win” yesterday were President of AJM Naser Selmani and journalist Branko Geroski, who debated on the fourth “bomb” of Zaev for wiretapping journalists. The previous day on “24 Analysis”, university professors Vladimir Pivovarov and Zlatko Keskoski debated on the wiretapping and intrusion in security services.

TV “Alsat M” has two debate shows that focus on everyday issues. The show “Road to” is hosted by editor of the television, Muhamed Zeqiri, and it is broadcast every Thursday at 9:45 pm. Two of the wiretapped journalists, Jadranka Kostova and Olivera Trajkovska, debate on yesterday’s show.

The show “360 degrees” is hosted by journalist Vasko Popetrevski and is broadcast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:30 pm and lasts half hour, in which usually two interlocutors provide an analytical approach to current and relevant topics.

Portal “Nova TV” today introduces “New Debate” in which, other than reporters, users of “Facebook” and “Twitter” can also ask questions.

– “New Debate” is web, stream and video project of “Nova TV” that exploit the possibilities of the Internet to provide more and better public debate between the domestic public. Our goal is to expose important social and political issues to a public debate and to enable citizens to discuss. We will provide current guest, speakers and interlocutors who will be exposed to arguments, doubts and questions asked by our moderators and journalists, as well as twitterers, Facebook users and other Internet audience – says Biljana Sekulovska, general manager of “Nova TV”.

The guest of the first episode of “New Debate” will be Zoran Zaev and you can follow it live via stream through the website of the portal.

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