In the police action “Puch”, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is also a suspect, who, along with Zoran Verushevski who was arrested two weeks ago and two other persons is charged with attempted endangering the constitutional order and undemocratic takeover of power, i.e. suspension of the will of the citizens.

As the Ministry of Interior informed, the recent investigation established that the suspects wanted to carry out a takeover and to extort various services through the use of illegal means of monitoring and spying and threats to senior state officials.

As stated in the announcement of MOI, Zaev is suspected that, in conversations in person and over the phone (on 28th of September 2014, 9th of October 2014 and 17th of November 2014) with Nikola Gruevski, he threatened to possess evidence of incriminating character for holders of high public and state functions and demanded Gruevski to form a technical government, and then to announce early elections for MPs. In return, he said that he would not publish the data. According to the police, Zaev received these data from Verushevski, with whom he met in secret several times, and through the mediation of the third accused, a local official of the Municipality of Strumica. In the action, Verushevski’s wife is second accused, who is accused as an accessory in the crimes.

“The digital forensic analysis found data and documents indicating that there are reasonable doubts for the criminal acts. Data and information indicating transcribed documentation related to conversations between multiple individuals from the public and socio-political life in the Republic of Macedonia, encrypted confidential documents from several institutions of the country, official documents of correspondence with foreign countries, documents from the investigations carried out by the competent judicial authorities in the Republic of Macedonia, criminal charges and other announcements of legal and natural persons submitted to the Public Prosecution of the Republic of Macedonia, business contracts of several domestic and foreign legal entities were also found within the content of the electronic data. Due to the volume of digital information content, the analysis will continue in the forthcoming period under the control and supervision of the public prosecutor. Pursuant to a warrant from the Basic Court Skopje 1, as of 26th of January 2015, a computer from Stopanska Bank JSC Skopje was also seized, a computed which was accessed and used by the wife of the first accused, on which the public prosecutor was also informed. Today, police officers, on the warrant from a judge of the previous procedure, in Strumica searched the home and other premises of the third accused. During the search of the home, in the guest room, they found the second accused, who, managed to throw a mobile device through one of the windows of the house when she saw the police officers. The event was immediately documented by police officers and the external part of the house was secured. During the search, with receipts for seized items, three laptop computers, a personal computer and 20 mobile devices were seized. The search is still ongoing,” reads the announcement of MOI.

Currently, there is no reaction from SDSM to the actions of MOI.