The “Colourful Revolution” tonight coloured the MRTV building and told the public broadcasting service it was the “End of Program”. The focus of today’s protest was MRTV, the public broadcasting service, and to send the message that it is a public service, and the responsibility of the public service is to the citizens, and not to the party.

Before MRTV spoke the former President of the Broadcasting Council, Zoran Stefanovski and President of the Union of Journalists Tamara Causidis. According to Mr Stefanovski, the MRTV has become a ghost house.

The crowd played a clip of the ‘bomb’, where you can clearly hear a conversation between former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and the former head of cabinet for the former Prime Minister Martin Protugjer.

Protesters gave the police who were in charge of guarding the building and the protest red roses to congratulate them as today was the Day of the Police.


However, later on in the evening protesters and police came very close to clashing after demonstrators noticed a man recording them while they hurled paint at the MRTV building and pursued him. The man was asked to identify himself, and was asked why he was recording, and who sent him. The man did not answer any of these questions, but said he was not a journalist, but that he was “filming for private purposes,” so he could then sell the pictures to the media.

The protest ended peacefully and protesters dispersed. However at the beginning of the protest, as they moved from their starting point, from in front of the building of the Special Public Prosecutor to MRTV, they coloured the ‘Freedom’ bridge before they wrote “poverty” on the pavement. Demonstrators carried a banner, which read “Death to the regime, Freedom to MRTV.”

Tonight, the civil organization “I protest” held protests in Strumica, Bitola, Kocani and Kicevo.