Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias plans to make a tour of the Western Balkans and to visit Macedonia in June.

Kodzias announced the desire and the idea to visit Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Bosnia in an interview for radio “Parapolitika”, noting that this step is to show a more active interest in Greek politics on the Balkans.

Kodzias noted that the Western Balkans is a serious source of instability.
– The source of instability begets nationalism, and nationalism may create problems – said Kodzias. He underlined that Greece is doing everything it can not to become part of that problem that is created, it works to protect its national interests, as well as to help as a mediator in the region to solve the Greek open issues and open issues in other countries regarding the EU.

Greek Foreign Minister announced plans to strengthen cooperation with Romania and Bulgaria, because the three countries together, as Member States of the EU, should have a stronger cooperation and views for the Balkans, because the current way in which they act allows third parties to have a monopoly on dealing with the Western Balkans. Greek Foreign Minister ponders a new tripartite alliance that could speak on the situation in the Western Balkans in the EU in one unified voice.