Kocijancic: If necessary the EU will help about the special prosecutor

The European Union will provide any kind of help if becomes necessary to institute a special prosecutor who is going to investigate the findings that came from the tapped conversations, said Maja Kocijanic, spokesperson of the European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn, in response to a question posed by the newspaper Vest whether the details regarding the functioning of the special prosecutor have been determined and whether they consider the option of appointing a foreigner to that role.

“The political Agreement reads that until September 15, 2015, there needs to be a new, special prosecutor, who will enjoy complete autonomy over the investigation of the tapped conversations. The special prosecutor will be appointed in agreement with the political parties who have signed the agreement. The parties will need to agree on the approach of selecting this prosecutor. The EU will provide help and counseling if necessary, including the EU’s mechanism of facilitating of the Action groups. However, we expect of the parties to take all necessary steps towards implementing this important part of the political agreement,” stated Kocijancic for Vest.

The US embassy in Skopje, regarding the same question, responded shortly: “The United States are involved in the process of solving the political crisis.”

According to the Przhino Agreement, the special prosecutor needs to be selected before September 15 and he or she will investigate the findings that arise from the recorded conversations that the opposition released. In the meantime, the parties to the Agreement need to define on the selection, the powers the special prosecutor should enjoy, his or her reach, as well as the legal changes that are necessary for his or her appointment.