Kotevski: The emergency situation is still in force until there are safe conditions for it to be revoked


The decision to declare an emergency situation on Wednesday, August 19, was brought by the Government due to the large inflow of refugees and migrants. This decision is still in force, told Meta the deputy minister for public relations of the Ministry of Interior, Ivo Kotevski.

How long the emergency situation will last, based on which the Government also dispatched part of the Army troops to the south border, Kotevski says will depend on the conditions, or “as long as it takes.”

-Until this moment the Government has not announced whether the emergency situation is revoked, which means that it is still in force. The situation will last as long as there are conditions that react to it and as it is regulated by the Law, said Kotevski.

According to the Law for managing crises, the decision to declare an emergency situation in times of a crisis can not last longer than 30 days. In case this period is not overcome or if the conditions cause an extension of the crisis for more than 30 days, the Government must ask the Assembly for a vote on extending the deadline of the emergency or military situation.

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