After yesterday’s speech by party leader Nikola Gruevski, where he declared the elections as irregular and said that he does not recognize them, today VMRO-DPMNE told “Meta” that this does not mean that the mandates and seats they won will be returned, because that “would only help Zaev and SDSM, and make it easier for them to trade national interests.”

“VMRO-DPMNE does not recognize the results of the criminal elections, because the will of the people was largely stolen by threats, intimidation, bribery and abuse of the institutions, but there is no reason why the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE, who won and in such conditions, return their mandates, because this way, we would only be helping Zaev and SDS to usurp their will and realize their plan to secure full power so that they can trade national interests more easily”, replied party spokesman, Ivo Kotevski, to a question from “Meta” on whether yesterday’s speech by Gruevski means that the party will not engage in local government and the selected candidates will not fulfill the won mayoral and council seats.

In Kotevski’s written response, he said that his party is convinced that a real study of party ratings can only be shown at fair early parliamentary elections.