Kotevski: There are no indications the explosions in Skopje and Kumanovo are related


The police has not found any indications that suggest the bomb that exploded last night near the building of the Sector for Internal Affairs (SVR) in Skopje is related to the explosion in Kumanovo on July 11, is the statement that Meta received from the Ministry of Interior (MVR) to the question whether this is a retaliation to the police raid in Kumanovo. The MVR has warned in a telegram two months ago that there may be retaliation attempts.

– We don’t have any indications to a possible connection in the two incidents. The locations are different, but we can’t speak with certainty before we clear these cases- said for Meta the deputy minister of public relations of the MVR, Ivo Kotevski.

According to official information by the police, the explosion was nearby the building of the SVR in Skopje. The explosion happened ten minutes after midnight after which the employees in the Center for early notification reported the event to the relevant authorities. Injuries have not been reported. The damage is shattered windows of the SVR building and shrapnel in several vehicles that were parked in front of it.

“The scene was tended by police officers from the SVR and by officers from the anti-terrorism department. They investigated the scene and picked up material that is sent for forensic analysis,” is said in the report from the Ministry of Interior.
The explosion in Kumanovo happened on July 11 in 4:30 in a tunnel that connects the city square with a parking lot owned by a private company.

The minister of Interior Mitko Chavkov announced thorough investigation of the event. By today there aren’t any suspects.
Two months ago the MVR informed that it has findings that supporters of the terrorist group that was pursued in Kumanovo has plans to kidnap functionaries in the Ministry of Interior and to attack vital state institutions. The Ministry had sent an instructive message informing all relevant authorities and persons in police departments to increase security measures.

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