The Kosovar Ministry for Trade and Industry has banned the import of honey and potatoes from North Macedonia, informs The ban of these two products arrives as a reciprocal measure by Kosovar authorities upon the decision by Macedonian authorities to ban the import of fish for restocking from Kosovo, and it will last until the moment of re-decision on part of the Macedonian authorities regarding the ban od fish from Kosovo.

According to the announcement from the Kosovar Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Macedonian authorities have introduced the ban since June this year, for which Kosovo has filed a complaint to the CEFTA Secretariat. Additionally, on the 8th of August, a letter was sent to the Macedonian Ministry of Economy, but no reply was sent from them.

The RNM’s Ministry of Economy informs that the Kosovar authorities were sent a reply immediately that the measure was introduced in accordance with the EU’s regulations for importing of these types of products. The ban on the import of fish for restocking from Kosovo was introduced because of lack of necessary information about the fish and animal health status even though these were requested as information from the Kosovar authorities. This is also in accordance with the Agreement for Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures by the WTO, where our country is a member since 2003.

The Macedonian ministry informed that on Monday a meeting will be called where it will be attended by several regulatory authorities and institutions in order to take measures to solve the consequences of the introduced ban on the export of honey and potatoes in Kosovo.