Gruevski – the only presidential candidate of VMRO-DPMNE

Only one nomination, that of current president Nikola Gruevski, was submitted to the party headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE until the deadline which expired today at 3 pm before the congress of the ruling party for a presidential election, which is to be held Thursday and Friday in Kumanovo, reports “Kurir”.

According to party sources of this medium, Gruevski’s candidacy was backed up by many delegates, the party founders, presidents of local and municipal committees of VMRO-DPMNE, prominent intellectuals, as well as delegates who had been out of the party for a short period, and now again returned.

The fifteenth congress of VMRO-DPMNE will be held this weekend. The event will be held in Kumanovo, and is to be attended by 560 delegates elected on different grounds. This congress should provide the president of the party, and the deadline for submission of the application was until 3 pm today. Applications had to be submitted to party headquarters.

At least 30 delegates to the congress have the right to propose a candidate for party president.

Voting is secret and all present delegates should vote, without exception.