“We won’t pay”, “no for the state racket”, “social justice”, “it won’t pass”, “together we are stronger”, “we will triumph” were the slogans with which protesters today told the Government that they disagree with adoption of the new Law on obligatory social insurance. The protesters gathered in the park “Zhena borec” at noon, and from here they went toward the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Government.

Among the protesters were journalists, translators, actors, film and music workers, employees in the NGO sector, who, except by chanting, also sent emails to the Government and through the slogans “big mouth wants to eat”, “be good, the Government is bad”, “tax haven turned into hell”, “robbery”, “you’re all mobsters”, “how many panoramic wheels are our 35%”, “your tax – their future”, “Kole Nedelkovski – Until when we will whisper without an echo? Enough were we, brothers, slaves of the century”,”reduce fees of officials”, “freelancers are not tycoons”, “the child doesn’t know how much is 35%”, “I’m selling a kidney to pay contributions” and many others.

Tamara Chausidis from the Autonomous Union of journalists and media workers addressed at the protest in front of the Government. Chausidis said that this law seriously affects journalists as well.

– We journalists are mostly freelancers, therefore they want to keep us on a short leash. We are easily fired and turned into propagandists – said Causidis in front of the Government.

Dejan Lutovski from the leftist movement “Lenka” said that the assertions of the Government that this social measure will take care for those who are most endangered and most vulnerable.

– This measure will hurt the most vulnerable workers – said Lutovski.

According to the legal amendments from 1st of January 2015, instead of the current 10 percent, 35 percent of the fee should be paid for contributions and taxes. These 35 percent for health insurance, pension and personal income will be paid by those who earn a fee from contract work and copyright agreement in excess of the minimum wage of 9,590 denars. The collection of contributions from contract work and copyright agreements doesn’t apply to professional athletes, officials, MPs, councilors and other public officials, forensic experts, trustees and others.

At the end of the protest, citizens threw coins toward the Government building.