President or early parliamentary elections in January. This is the attitude of the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras after the first round of voting for president in the Greek Parliament. Samaras has no plans to change the candidate, nor seems willing to accept the idea of a national consensus on selecting a president under conditions of independent candidates, regardless of the weak support of only five plus votes in addition to the 155 votes of the governing coalition that Stavros Dimas got yesterday.

Even though no one expected the president to be elected in the first round, the Government expected at least a little more support that will encourage them that they can reach the necessary 180 MPs to third round for Dimas to be voted. After yesterday’s results, the concern and the dilemma of where to find the additional 20 MPs are even greater. Even if they succeed in trying to win some independent votes, analysts comment that it would be difficult to get the votes of a total of 20 MPs.

– In order to reach the milestone of 180 votes needed, Samaras and PASOK will have to divide Independent Greeks and the Democratic Left and convince their MPs to support Dimas. It seems impossible at this point – stated Greek analysts for META.

“Breaking” Independent Greeks and the Democratic Left has become even more difficult after their statements that the first round leads to elections, as well as the request of Panos Kamenos to Samaras to finally leave Greece. After his meeting with Konstantinos Mitsotakis this morning, Kamenos mentioned that there can be a national consensus on major Greek issues, but only after the parliamentary elections.