Penalties for animal torturers in Vevchani!


Photos of the Vevchani Carnival with abused animals flooded social networks. Associations for protection of animals say they are appalled by the pictures and the information obtained for the Vevcani Carnival and that what happened there is sadism.

– We are shocked that, instead of art, wit, humor and satire, Vevchani allowed and tolerated violence, fear, blood and madness! – reads the statement of “Anima Mundi”.

Meri Jordanovska, activist in the “Association of activists for animal rights”, said that the torture and killing of animals in the name of entertainment is not only a primitive act, but also a crime.

Radmila Pesheva of “Anima Mundi” said that institutions need to react to what happened at the carnival. According to her, the fact that all participants of the carnival were silent to the abuse of animals sends a very bad message.

Vevchani Major Cvetomir Ugrinoski said for “Nova TV” that he doesn’t feel any responsibility because the carnival in Vevcani was an open theater.

– The municipality doesn’t participate in the preparation of the masks and we didn’t know the masks before the carnival. According to our information, the dog was dead. They were drunk, they only found the dog somewhere, so they took it. In Skopje, dogs and cats are walking all over the place, so let them collect the cats and dogs there, instead of worrying about a dead dog that was taken by the participants of the carnival – said Ugrinoski.

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