After four hours of questioning at the Prosecution for Organized Crime, SPO’s Chief, Katica Janeva, gave a statement for the media where she said that she doesn’t feel any guilt for the racket case and that she doesn’t know whether she will be under investigation as well.

-This is an investigation and during an investigation, no information is supposed to be shared. Most likely there will be a trial and all things will be said there – said the Special Prosecutor Janeva.

She confirmed that both of her mobile phones were taken for analysis at the Prosecution. SPO’s Chief also said that she doesn’t know if there are any politicians involved Racket case.

When asked by journalists she replied that she doesn’t know where Orce Kamchev is not where is the money that Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 and Zoran Mileski Kicheec took from Kamchev.

Janeva is the furth SPO prosecutor who, in the past two weeks was questioned by the Prosecution for Organized Crime. Last week, the following people were summoned for questioning: Special Prosecutors Lile Stefanova, Elizabeta Josifovska, and Burim Rustemi. So far, regarding the Racket case, the second suspect in the case Zoran Mileski – Kicheec and pensioner Liljana Todorovska were questioned while Boki 13 will yet to be questioned.