“Kanal 77” are asking news organizations to respond to the incident with their journalist


National Radio “Kanal 77” publicly condemned the behavior of GDOM supporters, who yesterday during their protest in Stip did not allow journalist, Vanja Micevska to report on the event.

They are urging other news organizations to condemn the incident, which is one of many incidents where people have attempted to obstruct journalists from doing their job.

“The participants from the counter protest did not allow our reporter to photograph and record, even though there were other media representatives at the protest who did their job without any problems. Several of the participants from the forefront, raised their voices, and said to her with the words: “Why are you recording, go to the other side,” pointing to the opposite side of the Otinja River, where supporters from the “Colourful Revolution” were protesting in front of the municipal building”, stated the radio station.

The incident today involving journalist Vanja Micevska caught the attention of the OSCE Mission, which oversees the election campaign period. During the event they asked about the behavior of the demonstrators and the police, and whether the incident was reported to the police.

Radio say they regularly follow the protests from both sides and representatives from GDOM, their statements and positions, and that they were part of “Kanal 77” programs.

Нашите вести во вашето сандаче

Секој ден во 17 ч. добивајте ги вестите од Новинската агенција Мета директно на вашата електронска адреса.

Ве молиме одберете на кој начин сакате да добивате информации од нас:
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