From the “Camp of Liberty” in front of the Government and from the “Keepers of democracy” in front of the Parliament after the deal between political leaders for resolving the crisis, with a positive assessment of the agreed and support for the leaders of SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, but with hard conflicting views on what is yet to happen for elections in April next year.
– Last night the dictatorship regime in Macedonia fell. Hence onwards everything will be different. In the coming period there will be a lot of work, certain political and technical matters but what matters is that the platform is created for a just cause and we began the return of freedom and democracy in the country – said for “Meta” Zoran Dimovski from the camp in front of the government.
In the camp in front of the government a few hours after reaching the political agreement, there is not much movement and congestion.
On the contrary, the atmosphere is relaxed and calm, and music echoes from the loudspeakers.
– I think that the leader Zaev got the most out of the situation and achieved what was stated in the requirements. He bore the burden of himself and succeeded in the struggle. On the other hand, I think this time Gruevski will not be able to change the subject and will have to stick to the agreed – said Katerina Dimitrova from Strumica.
About what will happen to the camp after the agreement, activists say they are waiting for the decision of the executive authorities of SDSM.
Less than a kilometer away from the government camp in the park “Zhena Borec” opposite the Parliament, “The keepers of democracy” also await the decision of the municipal committee of VMRO-DPMNE on whether to stay or camp will be removed.
They say that it will be decided tonight.
– Only when they tell us from the municipal committee to withdraw, we will withdraw – said Primislav Nikolovski.
The political agreement, he said should have been achieved earlier, and about who was right, the election will show.
– This Macedonian nation has suffered so much for this country, and someone from outside takes the money and irritates the people, it is sad and tragic. Elections will tell who will win. Whether there are winners or not, the prime minister knows. I think the prime minister is a smart man and so far everything that has been done, has been done for the entire Macedonian nation. And someone to play with this people, is not good. People will pay back for it – says Nikolovski.