The Judicial Council of the Republic of Macedonia at a session, scheduled for Monday at 11:00 am, to select the Acting Presidents of the Supreme Court and the Basic Court Skopje 1.

The decision on determining the Acting Presidents of the Supreme and Criminal Court in Skopje is the second item on the agenda of the session, said a statement from the Judicial Council.

The Council will select the Acting Presidents because the current Presidents of the Supreme Court and the Criminal Court, Lidija Nedelkova and Vladimir Panchevsksi’s mandate expires tomorrow, December 4, 2016.

Some of the media have speculated that the most serious candidate for Acting President of the Basic Court Skopje 1 is the current Vice President of the court, Judge Dijana Gruevska-Ilievska.

Otherwise, Nedelkova and Panchevski submitted bids for re-election for their current functions, and the decision should come into effect immediately after the early parliamentary elections scheduled for December 11.

Despite Panchevski, there are other candidates for the position of President of the Criminal Court in Skopje, such as Judge Ivan Dzolev and Judge Vladimir Tufegchikj, and candidates for the President of the highest court in the country, except Nedelkova, are former President of the court, Jovo Vangelovski, Judge Snezana Bajlozova and her colleague from the Supreme Court, Judge Besa Ademi.