The State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski has said in an interview he gave for the MIA agency that it is essential to be decided who will be supervising the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

-With the government’s Strategy for reforms in the judiciary, it is planned that SPO to become a part of the prosecution system. I personally strive for one law that will incorporate SPO’s work as a separate prosecution within the network of public prosecutions. The working group that worked on the preparation of the Law has prepared a version such as this – stressed Joveski.

According to him, it has to be taken into account that the Speical Public Prosecution has set new standards and a new perception for the prosecution especially in the investigations and the fight for complete financial independence.

-SPO has imposed a different type of work, such as transparency in the work despite the fact I don’t agree with in certain procedures. I strive that SPO should be involved in the criminal acts it was initially founded for and to keep its independence for those criminal acts. Also, taking into account that it will be given a new authorization over new criminal acts from the domain of corruption by selected and previously named persons, for that authorization it should abide by the general rules that other prosecutions also abide by. Certainly, for certain procedures its independence should be determined who will be supervising the work of this prosecution – said the Public Prosecutor Joveski in an interview for MIA agency.