The former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski didn’t leave the territory of the Republic of Macedonia at any of its border crossings. Many witnesses were interrogated, but in order not to cause damage to the ongoing investigation I can’t reveal other details, said the State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski in an interview for MIA agency.

-The prosecution is taking more activities in order to gather more evidence, as was already announced. Evidence was demanded after an international legal help from authorized organs in Republic of Albania and Republic of Monte Negro. We have received recordings taken from security cameras from roads, toll wages, border crossings and around the home of the former prime minister – said Joveski.

The prosecution is analyzing the content of the gathered evidence and at the same time, it expects to receive the evidence from Albania.

-The prosecution is not determining whether there are any oversights made by certain institutions but whether there are criminal – legal activities by certain persons who may have provided help in the escape. The authorized institutions, within their inner organization, should determine whether there has been any responsibility held in their acts and authorizations – stressed the state public prosecutor.

Regarding the amnesty of the participants in the violent attacks that occurred on the 27th of April in the Parliament, Joveski said that it is a political act and he won’t comment that.

-If this depended on me and the prosecution that is designated upon this case, Vilma Ruskovska, it wouldn’t have happened. But that is my professional opinion and when it was passing this law, the parliament was taking into consideration other circumstances that are unknown to me. The prosecution will be acting professionally until the case is concluded. but I have to say that the amnesty procedure has contributed to the clearing out certain elements from the events that occurred at the Parliament. The statements that were given during the trial, much to the surprise of everyone, have pointed at the preparation for the events on the 27th of April. I understand the citizens’ disappointment and the reaction, but I repeat that it is a political decision. The prosecution is obliged to enforce the law -said Joveski.