Today, journalists were not provided with adequate conditions for following or reporting on the case and trial “Divo Naselje” after the events which unfolded in Kumanovo’s settlement of Divo Naselje on May the 9th and 10th of last year.

The court announced, that due to national security, the case has been given limited capacity within the courtroom, and there is only enough space for four to five journalists.
The two previous hearings were held in the great hall of the Supreme Court, however today the court said that they can not use the great hall due to renovations.

Journalists who were at the Basic Court Skopje 1, decided not to compromise and agreed that nobody enter the courtroom. Only cameramen and photographers were present at the hearing, to make inserts for television and video.

At today’s hearing, the Prosecution’s four witnesses are to give their testimony to the court, according to our knowledge, they are all residents of Divo Naselje.