Journalists’ associations and organizations asking why negotiations collapsed over media reforms

The Association of Journalists of Macedonia, the Union of Journalists, the Macedonian Institute for Media Ethics and the Council of the Institute for Media want a meeting with President Gjorge Ivanov, Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski and the leaders of the four political parties, all signatories to Przhino Agreement.
They seek an explanation as to why did the negotiations fail for media reforms. and urged political leaders to respect the Przhino Agreement where, among other things the issue of media reform is an essential point in the Agreement.

“From Gruevski, Zaev, Ahmeti and Thaci, we seek an explanation as to why did the negotiations fail for media reform. Did the parties have a problem with the European facilitator’s cats or did they not like his proposals for systemic reform. As leaders, and as signatories to the Przhino Agreement, are obliged to implement these serious reforms to the media. Without these reforms, Macedonia will not be able to have fair and credible elections, and the country will also not be able to pull itself out of this political crisis”, said Naser Selmani the President of the AJM at a press conference.

They also insist the United States and the EU be involved in talks just as before, and to use their proposal as a basis on where to start looking for a solution.