The Army of the Republic of Macedonia (ARM) is willing to accept the increased number of foreign nationals, and at present there is no need to increase the number of troops on the Southern border.
This was stated by Minister of Defence Zoran Jolevski, yesterday at the opening of the Advanced School of NATO, “Dealing with the threat of terrorism in South-East Europe” in Ohrid, where he explained that in January, compared to January last year, the number of migrants coming has increased tenfold.
Jolevski said plans were being developed to increase the military if necessary, up to 1,000 people, but at this point in time it is not necessary.

“General Headquarters has prepared several scenarios to be prepared in case of an increase in the numbers of refugees crossing the Macedonian border, to deal with the refugee crisis. At this point in time, we have about 180 soldiers on a regular basis at the border. Because it raises the second row of the fence have extra soldiers. As for the exchange of information to fight terrorism, it’s very significant. As you know, Europe in recent years has seen several major terror attacks and indicated the need for cooperation. Cooperation between the Military Academy “Norwich” continues, we have sent two of our cadets, who attended classes there. We will work on a number of joint research projects in the field of defence”, said Defence Minister Jolevski.