The Metamorphosis Foundation announces a CtrlZ Challenge for a short video on the topic: The life of young people after the emergence of COVID-19.

The challenge is open for all interested young people who are aged 13 to 24.

All you have to do is create a short video about what the daily activities of young people will look like after the end of the COVID-19 epidemic. What will the following aspects of life look like: educational process, taking exams, socializing, celebrating birthdays, going to disco parties, going to the movies, going on dates with partners, going to summer and winter vacations, doing do sports. etc.

The videos can be recorded with any camera or phone.

To participate in the challenge you have to:

  1. Post the video on the given topic on your profile on one of the social networks YouTube, TikTok, Instagram;
  2. Follow CTRLZ’s Instagram profile –;
  3. Add the hashtag #CtrlZChallenge to the title or description of the video;
  4. If the video is posted on Instagram, be sure to tag our Your profile should be open, i.e. public, and not private so that everyone can watch the video. If the video is uploaded to TikTok or YouTube, be sure to send us a link to the video in a direct message to our Instagram account.

The videos should not be longer than 5 minutes, and the used language can be Macedonian, Albanian or English. Also, the videos do not need to contain speech, i.e. the message can be conveyed through what is shown in the video.

In case of using non-copyrighted materials, they must be with an open license, i.e. free for use without any payment.

It is forbidden to use copyrighted material or plagiarism in applications.

The posts and the videos will be evaluated by a three-member committee composed of journalists and civil society representatives. The idea, the creativity in the preparation and the strength of the message of the submitted contents will be the most valued aspects.

The winner will receive a prize – Action Camera GoPro Hero 7.

Applications for the challenge will be accepted from 25 June to 23 July, and the winner will be announced on 31 July 2020.