The EU Delegation’s “Jean Monnet Media Award” in Macedonia this year was awarded to Vlade Gjorcev in the category for Best Journalistic Article. Vlade Gjorcev a journalist from “Meta” just recently, sadly passed away.

This year’s “Jean Monnet” competition was entitled “Pržino & beyond” and Gjorcev was awarded for an investigative article he wrote regarding the “Transporter” investigation which is being pursued by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, but also for all his journalistic engagements surrounding the Pržino Agreement and the processes which arose from it.

The award for Best Reporters’ Photography went to professional photographer Robert Atanasovski, and the award for Best Amateurs’ Photography went to Darko Cvetanoski.

On behalf of the family of journalist Vlade Gjorcev, who passed away unexpectedly on November the 20th this year, his fellow colleagues and journalists from Meta News Agency, Simona Atanasova and Dimitar Tanurov received the award.

“We would like to thank you on behalf of our dear colleague Vlade Gjorcev’s family and on behalf of the editorial board at “Meta”. We are a young news agency, but in a short time, along with Vlade, we managed to rise and establish ourselves among the Macedonian media scene. This award will give us more incentive to continue to work professionally and be of service to the people and the media”, said Tanurov.

The “Jean Monnet” awards were presented by the EU Ambassador to Macedonia, Samuel Žbogar , who, among other things, pointed out that the Pržino Agreement is exactly what contributed to the elections being held last week.

This year, the Delegation of the European Union’s “Jean Monnet Media Award” was the 14th edition, and refers to the best achievements in covering issues related to the EU and the country’s accession towards the EU.

In the past 13 years, more than 400 journalists have competed for the award, and among the winners of the “Jean Monnet Media Award” many well known journalists, photographers, and young writers have won.

This year, the competition received 58 applications, of which 14 were for Best Reporters’ Photography, 7 for Best Journalistic Article and 37 for the Best Amateurs’ Photography.

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