“No one is untouchable, not even NGOs funded by Soros … You need to have the same rules and procedures with NGOs, and institutions must be left undisturbed to act and to do work their own work,” said former Interior Minister and senior VMRO-DPMNE official Gordana Jankuloska in an interview for “Dnevnik“.

“Civil society and the functioning of NGOs is crucial for the development and functioning of a democracy. NGOs in society can be corrective of the institutions and impose issues of importance to citizens. However, the social significance that non-governmental organizations have, may be a cover for destruction and violent change of a democratically elected government. Unfortunately, for us, this is exactly what happened. The network of NGOs funded by Soros almost turned into a monopoly, their financial dominance removed them from the NGOs who have different views from their own. This destructive action, rather than being corrective for institutions, has turned them into a destructive element in society. But the world is changing, and our society is maturing”, Jankuloska said in the interview.

In the interview she speaks about the withdrawal of the charges in the “Putsch” case in the context that the “overall activity of Katica Janeva, is supported by some diplomatic representatives in the country, and in the past year their aim was to create an alibi for Zoran Zaev, Zoran Verushevski and their idols, or to be precise, their umbrella”.

In relation to the “tank” case by the SPO, she categorically denies that she participated in the purchase of the “Mercedes” worth 600,000 euros, and said that officials from the Interior Ministry are in charge of procurement, and they work professionally.