In the following conversation which was announced today at a press conference by Zoran Zaev, Nikola Gruevski talks to Gordana Jankuloska about the Military Hospital. He explains that he spoke with the director, who suggested that the hospital wouldn’t be able to function if people based on party recommendations are employed. Gruevski explains to her that he wants to propose employment of 30 people by the party list, and then hire his five people as well.

In abother recording, Jankuloska and Mijalkov talk about new employments in MOI. Mijalkov tells her that 1,000 people have to be employed. Minister says it is an unrealistic number. She explains that about 250 people will retire and that they could only employ 300 new people. Mijalkov, however, explained that he would need 100 new people for UBK and that, without them, the cameras, aircrafts wouldn’t work and that they also didn’t have operations.

Jankuloska and Stavreski talk about cutting expenses from the budget for capital investments. Jankuloska explains that she does not have the money at her disposal and that she cannot solve that problem. Jankuloska said that than 600 people were employed. She complains that people were employed in museums and libraries, but Stavreski explains that they are someone’s pets.

Jankuloska and Mijalkov talk about the selection of prosecutor Gordana Geshkovska and director of UBK asks her whether the Minister has any intervention. She says she has, but, by law, only people from the Academy are chosen there. They talk about a judge from Kichevo, and Mijalkov asks whether she is the one whose husband works in the Lustration Commission.

– They are a crazy gang, you know them – says Jankuloska for the members of the Commission.

At the end, Zaev said that he has a lot of material for publication, but, as a responsible opposition, he won’t allow Gruevski to push Macedonia into unwanted scenarios.

Zaev said that the recording for the employment of 1,000 people in MOI is from May 2013.

– We will continue publishing materials until this government falls – said Zaev to the question how long he would publish the recordings.

He said they want to give a chance to negotiations.

– Agreement was reached even in the worst wars. We negotiate because citizens request it. Citizens are angry. We are different from the high officials of this government. We will do everything for this government to leave peacefully. We believe in the truth and we think that success will come. I only ask for patience. The responsibility is mutual – said Zaev.

Regarding the bombing of the government, Zaev said that nobody has the right to say that it happens because of the publication of materials by the opposition.

– Jankuloska and Mijalkov should say why it is happening – said Zaev.