The former Minister of Interior and a high-ranking official of VMRO-DPMNE, Gordana Jankuloska through her Twitter account, gave a mocking commentary on the predictions that were given by the current British Ambassador to Macedonia, Charles Garrett, about where he sees this country in 10 years.

Jankuloska retweeted the English version of Meta’s article about the optimistic predictions of the British Ambassador to Macedonia, titled “Garrett: Macedonia in the year 2027 will have a female Prime Minister and will be a part of the EU and NATO” and she commented “He showed himself in the present and now he started working with the future” using the hashtag “Nostradamus.”

The former Minister of Interior never misses an opportunity to comment on the social networks about issues related to Great Britain and its ambassador in the country, Charles Garrett.

A day after the Brexit referendum in United Kingdom, when its citizens voted for the country to leave the EU, Jankuloska tweeted to the British Ambassador “Now what?!?

Jankuloska went to the UK with a scholarship from Great Britain i.e. this information can be read from her biography, she received a MA from the University of Kent, Canterbury. In July 2004, the University awarded her with the Special Achievement Award in the area of Law.

Through its page on Facebook, the British Embassy in Skopje began a campaign “Macedonia 2027” where they want to hear from the citizens about where they see the country in 10 years and what would they like it to achieve by then.

The first opinion about Macedonia’s future was given by British Ambassador Charles Garrett, who presented his predictions via his personal diary with an entry written: “On the 26th of August, 2027.”