According to Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, whether she would file a private lawsuit against the opposition leader Zoran Zaev for the recorded conversations is a personal choice and not a matter of public interest.

– Who will sue whom and whether is a matter of personal choice and not a matter of public concern. It is not related to the official position or issue related to the execution of the responsibilities of the Ministry – said Jankulovska when asked about whether she would sue opposition leader Zoran Zaev, under Article 151 of the Criminal Code regarding the published recordings on which, as he claims, Minister of Interior is among the tapped officials.

Article 151 of Criminal Code applies to crime unauthorized tapping and audio recording, for which a fine or imprisonment up to one year is provided, except when the offense will be done by an official in the performance of the service. Then the punishment is imprisonment from three months to three years.

The procedure for the case is conducted on a private complaint, except when it comes to official or company. A fine is provided for a company.