The Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva and the five prosecutors from her team at today’s meeting with the members of the Council of Public Prosecutors where they had a discussion upon the request of the Council to provide an insight into the documents from the archives regarding the “Putsch” case. As was announced by the Council, they agreed that meetings such as this one should continue in the future when necessary.

When the meeting, which lasted two hours, was over, Janeva stated that during the meeting they didn’t discuss only the “Putsch” case, but other issues as well.

-It was a working meeting and I think there will be more of them. We talked about current issues, the problems that SPO is facing with. We discussed plenty of issues – said Janeva.

When asked whether she will hand over the materials from the “Putsch” case, the Special Public Prosecutor said that “we are still talking and nothing is final yet” and she repeated that there will be more meetings in the future.