The court has to understand that SPO is not pursuing ordinary crime, but a criminal group that is at the top of the government and therefore the court has to perform its duties conscientiously, honestly and professionally when it comes to SPO’s cases. This was announced today by the Special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who was a guest at the presentation of the investigation “Unfoundedly detained – legal and budgetary consequences,” which took place at the EU center in Skopje.

-We present all proposal for detainment, but as the general public knows, they are rejected by a certain number of judges in the same manner even though we are following the judiciary and European practices about how a detainment should be requested for and other measures for securing suspects. We aren’t pleased from the court’s decisions regarding our cases. When we are filing our requests for searching the premises or for detainment of a suspect, a certain judge is deciding upon our requests – said Janeva.

The Special Public Prosecutor stressed that in this manner, the judge can “misuse its position and authorization when it comes to high corruption on part of high-ranking officials from the government that SPO is investigating about”

-We, as a Special Public Prosecution, do not pursue ordinary crime, but we are pursuing the criminal group that is within the government of Republic of Macedonia and that has to be understood by the judge presents a third authority, and which, regarding SPO’s cases, has to perform its duties, conscientiously, honestly and professionally, which unfortunately isn’t the case – said Janeva.