Jakimovski: One can not come to power with headphones on his ears


We are here to defend the Constitutional Court, to defend the country stated the President of GROM, Stevce Jakimovski in front of the gathered citizens outside the Constitutional Court.

He said the once abolished Zoran Zaev can not destroy the constitutional order of the Republic of Macedonia.

“Now they are attacking Macedonia, when faced with the refugee crisis and there is a danger of destabilizing the country. They just want to make an alibi for themselves for delaying the re-election. One can not come to power without vision, without social or economic programs, or with only headphones on his ears”, Jakimovski said.

He announced that from tomorrow, they will be at the Constitutional Court every day to defend it and the state.

“The court should be left alone to decide, without interference from the outside. The people do not like them, the people do not like informers. There is no shame here, let them take foreign services, which ever ones they want, let them get on stage and let them say, ‘Yes, we are with them.’ Our people have been through difficult times before, in 1903, 1912, 1913, 1943, and it is difficult now, in 2016, but we will overcome this”, Jakimovski said.

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