Election math: 3+3+3 for DIK and 2+2 for the Electoral list


The political parties-signatories to the Przhino Agreement and their Action groups will discuss tomorrow about the electoral list and voting in the diaspora.

Meta previously reported that the biggest political parties have come to an agreement regarding the members of the State Elections Commission (DIK) by accepting the proposal of SDSM, according to which, the members will be selected by the 3+3+3 formula; this means three members will be proposed by the Government, three by the opposition and the rest will be experts who will be selected by a two-thirds majority in the Assembly.

The political parties are still far from reaching an agreement about voting in the diaspora and have made a small step forward regarding the electoral list.

According to sources from the Action groups, we find out that SDSM is backing an active registration of voters with a mandatory subscription to the list. DPA have proposed the registration of voters should be combined, meaning, there should be a census of adult citizens that will last for two months and will be done door to door; this will be followed by two months of mandatory registration.

Meta’s sources claim that DUI are backing the current electoral list, but with a subsequent purge. VMRO is for active registration but hasn’t made it known if they agree to active registration or not, although the party has been leaning to the proposal by the DUI.

The issue of voting in the diaspora has not moved from the dead spot. The parties are firm in their positions. VMRO wants to keep the current voting mechanism in three electoral units. SDSM is not against the diaspora voting, but they want to equalize the weight of the abroad to the votes that are cast in Macedonia.

Far from reaching an agreement is the question of selecting a special public prosecutor. SDSM is for a new institution that is independent of the Public prosecutor’s office, which is to enjoy oversight under a new special law. VMRO is angling for a prosecutor within the framework of the current prosecutorship and the legal code pertaining to it.

Нашите вести во вашето сандаче

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